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pass me the mic

Hip Hop isn't a color, it's a culture.

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If you want to join, no problem, just add freestyling to your lj buddies and select to join.

The rules are like this:

1.) You can curse, but keep the racism out. Absolutely no racism.

2.) You don't HAVE to let us know if its a keystyle or prewritten but we'd prefer you did.

3.) You don't have to always battle. You can just flow, and get some feedback on your rhymes. If you want to battle someone, call them out.

4.) Don't make your own tournaments, we'll handle that. But you can battle anyone you want, outside tournaments. The more you flow, the more you get recognized.

5.) When you're battling, where you put music put the song that your using as your beat.

6.) Leave beef at the door and give honest opinions without discriminating and harrassing someone. Verses, poetry, and flows is what unite us, lets not forget that.

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if any questions or suggestions, contact mE.