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The Game Takes Flight With David Cash In New Video Release [13 Jul 2011|03:42pm]


It's not many newcomers that can step into the arena spitting with the likes of The Game on their debut single or have their mixtape laced with lyrics specifically provided by J. Cole and Pharrell. But David Cash isn't your typical wanna' be artist. The Venice, Cali native on Nu West World Records, is breathing flames into the West Coast rap scene with a style that is infused with heat and fury. His lyrical fire smokes not only the competition, but also any notion that west coast rap is yesterday's news. The City of Angels has birthed a new rap sun, and David Cash is re-birthing the inferno that started it all!
With his new video release "City of Angels" Cash serves up a visual reminder of why southern Cali is the envy of the rap music scene nationally. Fully laying claim to the concept that 'Los Angeles is where you wanna' be,' Cash pierces our senses with a soundtrack and scenery that captures the essence of the land of La La, from the streets of South Central to the sunny shores of Venice Beach. Native son, The Game joins him in the video, adding credence to the emergence of this rising artist, alongside American Idol beauty Asia'h Epperson who lends a sizzling serenade with the song's refrain.
Take flight with the "City of Angels" at http://www.youtube.com/user/NuWestWorld and download "In Living Color" for free at http://www.iamdavidcash.com/

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F.L.Y. DreamStar - "Kush and Pain" [12 Jul 2011|03:56pm]


Set in the backdrop of the inner city, F.L.Y. DreamStar’s video “Kush and Pain” is a cool slow tempo hip hop/rap track. The talented rapper uses his rhymes to tell the world that that he’s moving on and up. He proclaims that “Life’s a bitch and she’s having fun with me,” and it does indeed appear that he’s taking it all in stride, having fun and just rolling with it all. Interesting visuals as the video keeps it simple and real, shot mostly on railroad tracks surrounded by trees. The railroad tracks seem to be symbolic of his journey to “move on.” The music is a low mix of guitar and a smooth band, making this a groove that you can drive to or just sit and chill to. It’s a smooth display of this artist’s talents as his flow is unique as well as his voice.

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Precise - "It's On Me" [05 Jul 2011|06:39pm]


“It’s On Me” by Hip hop/rapper Precise is one of the freshest tracks to be released in a long time. The video and track are all about taking responsibility for one’s life, family, and community and not blaming your problems on other people. The video begins by showing a loving father going home with his two sons to his wife – a strong black family united and in peace. Shot in various locations like tunnels, a museum, and with murals, snow, and city skylines as the background, this song couldn’t be any more real or needed. The beat and hook are tight, and the lyrics are solid and thought provoking: “Try to blame the other man, but I can’t/If I fail without a plan, guess what? It’s on me.” Precise makes it known that he is mindful of what has been called the lost generation with other lyrics like “Time is standing still, a generation is lost/Blame it on the “C’s” when you know it’s our fault” and “For the youth we struggle/Try to keep them out of trouble.”
“It’s On Me” should make viewers and listeners take a deep look at themselves. It is a hard hitting, no holds barred, but truthful, meaningful and thoroughly entertaining piece of work.

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"Rucktuk Girl" by Dezi Boyd [04 Jul 2011|05:08pm]


“Rucktuk Girl” by Dezi Boyd is a reggae track with just a hint of country to make it interesting. Featuring the rap of Ms. Lady Kane which is perfect and tight, the song is one that you can get your groove on to or just listen to while riding. Unconventional and unique, the song salutes Rucktuk girls who are obviously well liked by this artist with “everything in the right place, and bodies swirling.” The back and forth play between Dezi Boyd and Lady Kane make “Rucktuk Girl” a jam full of flavor, guitar, percussion, and reggae soul.

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Mr. Garth-Culti-Vader - "Windows Tinted Grey" [28 Jun 2011|06:02pm]


The video, "Windows Tinted Grey" by hip hop/rap master Mr. Garth-Culti-Vader jumps off with a very nice beat and the chant "Windows Tinted Grey/Rollig down the highway/." It's a smoking testimony to getting your high on in motion. The track is absolutely one that will make anyone hit the dance floor and party hard, and this groove will give you a high all by itself. The SUV/minivan that Mr. Garth-Culti-Vader is driving as he slams down very tight lyrics reminds you of the front of an airplane, but with the way this song and video take off, it's all good. This artist takes the art of making nice beats with cool lyrics to a new level, and the result is funk-tastic!

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Backstory: How NY's Sugar Bar Gave Birth To MarilynMusic's "IMA B A Celebrity" [12 Apr 2011|09:42am]


MusicDish's Eric de Fontenay sat down with MarilynMusic founders Michael Gaines and Casey Conrad to discuss the story behind their latest song "IMA B A Celebrity." Taking a page from the expression coined by the Black Eyed Peas, they describe as poignant, satirical, and fun, but also a really great pop tune featuring vocalist Wallace Gary.
Casey & Michael met Wallace at the Sugar Bar, a venue owned by the legendary singer/songwriter team Ashford & Simpson one Thursday night while searching to replace a singer for the song. Casey notes "we needed someone with more chops and more power." Wallace, who has sung backup for Ashford & Simpson, Chaka Khan, and others, was performing that night... the rest was musical history.
"IMA B A CELEBRITY" is available for purchase at iTunes at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ima-b-a-celebrity-feat-wallace/id429255018 and at Amazon.com at: http://www.amazon.com/Ima-Celebrity-feat-Wallace-Gary/dp/B004UCMAJS/ The video can be viewed on the MusicDishTV YouTube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqLL9O4PRYk

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DJ Series: MC Zulu Controls The Crowd From Behind The Mic [11 Apr 2011|10:06am]


MC Zulu is a globe-trotting artist. He’s just back from shows in England and Zürich. His real name is Dominique Rowland, and he's the son of military parents. Zulu was born in Panama and after several hops around the world, the family settled into a predominately white Chicago suburb.
He joined Eight Forty-Eight to perform as part of part of the DJ Series: A Spinning Season, and was joined by DJ Searchl1te.
MC Zulu performs May 20 at The Abbey in Chicago. His EP Crowd Control is out now, and his forthcoming album Electro Track Therapy is out later this month.
Watch MC Zulu perform "Festival Madness" with DJ Searchl1te.

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MTHDS - "Positive Movement" [08 Apr 2011|10:36am]


The video "Positive Movement" from Colorado based hip hop and funk group MTHDS (Music That Heightens Different Senses) features the six member group (L, Don Dilly, Johnny, Neil, Chip and Durtee) dressed as zombies, bloodied by the battle of life. But a funky beat, great harmony and absolutely positive lyrics soon reveal the intended message: "Never in my life did I imagine there'd be peace/In a world of poverty and constant tragedy/Then I found music and used it as release/Started a movement and started spreading positivity". The desire for positivity and unity, the ultimate theme of the video and song, are creatively expressed in a manner that captures and hold the viewer's attention. With pop/hip hop/rock influences, the video shows the group members in various acts of kindness and humanity – everything from rescuing a cat and returning it to its owner, to a scene where a mass of people are engaged in fellowship and unity, and finally to clips of the band playing live. It's a great song, a great video, and a message that needs to be spread widely and continuously.
The video was filmed, directed and produced by Ryan Gaddis, Tyler Kellogg, Laura Hemler, and Joe Deats (CAM Records/UCD).

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MarilynMusic Releases Hip Hop-Dance Single & Video "IMA B A CELEBRITY" [31 Mar 2011|02:40pm]

Songwriting, production and publishing company MarilynMusic announced the release of their latest single "IMA B A CELEBRITY" on iTunes and Amazon, as well as video release on YouTube. The song and video feature the vocal talents of Wallace Gary, who has worked with such esteemed artists as Ashford & Simpson and Chaka Khan. Gary is also the vocalist on other upcoming MarilynMusic tracks, including "Jump" and "Calling All Girls".
"IMA B A CELEBRITY" is available for purchase at iTunes at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ima-b-a-celebrity-feat-wallace/id429255018 and at Amazon.com at: http://www.amazon.com/Ima-Celebrity-feat-Wallace-Gary/dp/B004UCMAJS/ The video can be viewed on the MusicDishTV YouTube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqLL9O4PRYk&NR=1
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TQ's Brand New Official Website TQOfficialSite.com Online Now [30 Jan 2011|11:39pm]


The new TQOfficialSite.com is open for business!
Get all the New Music, Video, Merchandise, and Concert Tickets from this talented artist 24/7!!!!
Click "The Shop" and get TQ's Latest Album "Kind of Blue" in a signed Limited Edition with new songs made strictly for his most die hard fans. Leave a message in the "Guest Book" or strike up a conversation in "The Forum". TQ ALWAYS HITS HIS FANS BACK...

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Comedy @ Gonzalez On Tuesday, January 25th; Hosted By UrbanLatinoRadio's Kenny Ortega [21 Jan 2011|03:43pm]


Comedy @ Gonzalez is a monthly showcase that feaures some of New York City's funniest stand-up comics for an evening of great laughs, along with delicious Mexican food and drinks.
The January 25th show will be the last comedy event ever at Gonzalez y Gonzalez. The legendary Mexican restaurant, bar & salsa club will be closing on January 31st, after 22 years at it's NoHo, NY location.
Room opens at 6pm
Show starts at 7:30pm
AfterParty 'til 12am
OSEI CALEB (Comic View)
KENNY ORTEGA of Urban Latino Radio

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JOMO - What I Want [12 Jan 2011|05:50am]


JOMO’s hip hop track “What I Want” isn’t your average hip hop song. Featuring clever lyrics that are backed up by a strong beat and a nice hook, including horns that come in and really put the funk in it, “What I Want” packs a lyrical punch and is actually reminiscent of 2Pac’s sound.

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Check out my new new [17 Dec 2010|07:12am]


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[09 Jul 2008|12:34pm]


1 ,2,3,4,
this aint the fucking civil war,
do you seriously want me to make this a public debate.

you're preppy you're pathetic you make me want to become apathetic.
you're diss against me was a fucking joke you really really had me going,
really wanted me to explode,
well im on fire now im ready to unload.
im like a motherfucking tsunami,
have you running to your mommy.
you cant blame me for being me,
dont lie i know the real defination is jealousy.
dont hate me cuz you aint me, isnt that what you said
thats funny cuz ur just so damn widespread.
you think your wit is so witty, like ur shit aint shitty,
just had me in tears cuz i was in hystarics just laughing so hard,
well guess what, im polite ill send you an apology maybe throw it in a halmark card.
cuz thats the least i can do cuz i just feel so damn bad,
im sorry; you just make me this fucking mad.
So you went and wrote a whole fucking note on facebook
so the whole world would give you attention,
lets not leave out what you forgot to mention;
the part where you ran away like u were late for a meeting,
after you called us all on and swore we were in for a beating.
god damn thats so ironic how you promised you'd leave us bleeding.
fuck you should be a guest star on dane cook,
better yet we can write ya a whole fucking book;
all about what you're about, the who, the what, the where, the when.
how about i throw in a twist where time and time again,
you talk a bunch of bull about how i put out
wait until everyone just figures you out.
so let me end this, put it on a higher shelf,
cuz im better than you and your little bitchy ass self.
yeah you win, you really did it this time,
I dont care though
it doesnt get to me anymore,
because everyone knows what you're in for ;)

9,10,11,12 and 13,
your like a regression towards the mean.
So when do you want to stop it?
cuz i got a flow and im not ready to drop it.
lets see, let pull out something really obscene.
i had it from the beginning,
this is only the second inning.
i could turn it around,
hit a home run and run you down.
i aint gonna finish until im done finishing,
after this is over you're gonna be an expert on photofinishing.
im not even going to touch you,
not you or your whole damn "crew".
why do you even call yourselves that,
just given me something more to laugh at.
you aint hot, you aint got what it takes,
stop acting like you know it
your a bunch of dirty hoe's and fakes.
let me bring up that other time where you told everyone i had sex with your man.
fuck that shit i wouldnt step two feet infront of whats been in your hands.
i have high demands, better commands,
does that make sense, do you understand?
i would never fucking drive around in his car,
do you comprehand.
dont make up shit that isnt real, exspecially about my sex appeal.
So webb i played your game,
and its my turn to make the final rules;
how about you turn around, take ur big fat fucking drop-out ass back to HIGHSCHOOL.






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Death Mask [02 Jul 2008|12:12am]


DeathMask has added new music to their page.
Add them, and spread the love.
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[19 Jun 2008|04:38pm]


If you already added yourself to the map on the Official LL Cool J Myspace, Thanks!
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About 350 pics of Graffit Art in Rome Italy -- ill!!!!! [28 May 2008|05:11am]

About 350 pictures of pieces, murals and street art all over Rome, Italy -- some increadible art -- some Hip-Hop culture on a truly global scale!

pics are seperated into two galleries .. enjoy!
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PYROCLASTIC FLOW - Best of GZA (Wu-Tang) - free mixtape download [05 Dec 2007|05:01am]

go to http://www.RiotSound.com to download PYROCLASTIC FLOW* - THE BEST OF GZA/GENIUS --- 25 track free mixtape download

8 DIAGRAMS drops December 11th --- the mighty Wu-Tang Clan is back THE ONE AND ONLY!!!!

*PYROCLASTIC FLOW: a devasting result of volcanic eruptions, a pyroclastic flow is a fast-moving current of hot gas and rock which can travel away from a volcano at a speed of up to 700 kilometers per hour, reaching tempertures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius.

download it here

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PICTURES - Hip-Hop legends PUBLIC ENEMY Live! NYC [22 Mar 2007|10:56am]

Lots of pics from the recent Public Enemy show in NYC --- it was a packed house, show was almost 2 hours long. Definitely one of the best Hip-Hop acts you can ever see live --- the combination of Chuck D & Flavor Flav is increadible... Flav even brought his 1 year old grandson out on stage! ---lots of great pics at the link below

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I am..... [13 Mar 2007|04:23pm]

Eating flap jacks and freedos
with fat cats with smack stashed in vitro
in asscracks with speedos,
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